Dear Riot, Please never bring back URF

Rotating game modes used to be a lot of fun. I tend to hop in them every now and then as a nice break between regular SR matches. All in all, I've had pretty good experiences across the board... Until this latest URF. The level of toxicity in URF these past two weekends has been disgusting. Everything from people becoming violently angry to incredible amounts of racist hate speech. I've literally seen it all. At this point, the community doesn't deserve URF. I'm all for trolly, derpy, fun shit. Was playing a Zilean and the enemy Maokai ran around collecting my bombs and running into his teammates. I thought it was kinda funny. What I don't condone is the number of people who are just toxic assholes. Say one thing to somebody, and they're likely going to tell you to kill yourself. Die to the lvl 6 Fizz roam, and the hate speech and ping spam begins. If the community can't behave in a way that is respectful of their teammates and enemies in a game mode that is supposed to be fun, then it simply doesn't deserve to have URF. I certainly won't be playing another game of it.
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