My take on toxicity and the community

I will try to explain to the best of my ability. Now this is from my own experience, so I can't hold it over the entire community, but I think it's pretty accurate consider the bitching on the boards. I would say about 90% of the time I see someone raging can be attributed to 3 things: 1) Last pick troll locked in a lane already taken and then proceeds to troll the entire game because they didn't get their way 2) Someone runs down lane as Lulu going 0-12 and building Zz to "distract the enemy team" 3) A player playing a champ that they literally have 0 games with and doing horrid the whole game. Not intentionally feeding, but still ending 0-10-2. Again, there are obviously 12 year old call of duty players that spam "%%%%%%" and "%%%%" the whole game, and they should be punished accordingly. But these things account for most of the toxicity that I personally see in the game. Some suggestions include: 1) If a player does this, ban them from ranked for 2 weeks on first offense, permaban them from ranked on second offense. 2) If a player does this, ban them from rnaked for 2 weeks, on first offense, permaban them from ranked on second offense. 3) This is the hardest one to regulate. One idea that I have to simply make it so you have to have played a certain number of games with a champ in order to play them in ranked. I see no harm whatsoever to this idea, only good. I see this could create a problem in normal games. In my opinion, normal games are for trying new things, so case #3 is completely out. If a player continues to do the other 2, then go ahead and bad them from normal games as well. Let them go play co-op vs bots. If they get reported for ruining those games too, then ban them from those and allow them to only play custom games. I honestly believe if they adjusted just these things, the toxicity of the games, and the community in general, would go way down. I mean, look how long they have been banning players for toxic language. Has the game gotten any better? No. In fact, I see a lot of players complaining that it is getting worse. Probably because there is more of this unpunished behavior going on. Now, I'm not saying it is _right_ to call someone an idiot for doing one of these things (even though they are), but it is going to happen. I see it happen. Not going to lie, I've done it. And honestly, as someone in the game watching a situation take place, I am more likely to report the person doing one of these trolling things than the person that is "being toxic", because I think the cause is much more toxic than the reaction. The same player goes through trolling and gets multiple people banned for "verbal abuse", which is why you don't see a decrease in the toxicity of the community. By punishing that 1 single player, you could help to avoid reactions by many players. if you want to fix an issue, you start by addressing the problem, not the reaction. I mean, that is like me trying to fix global warming by turning on my air conditioner. I've included one picture of a person that perfectly fits my example. This 1 person is responsible for many players raging because of their trolling ways. In my opinion, it makes more sense to punish 1 player that is the cause of toxicity more than it does to punish countless players that have a reaction to it. No, I didn't harass this player. Yes, all 3 of my teammates, and 2 of the enemy players did. Yes, they probably got punished. No, this player didn't.

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