So glad Dominion is removed, seems like a waste of space to me

When I first heard about its removal, I don't feel affected about it at all. First of all, who dafuq plays Dominion? Second, even if people claim to have played it, then why dafuq does it takes me more than 20-30 minutes to find a goddamn team?? And even if I found a team by that time, it will always be composed of at least a singple who's a Bot player who're just here to farm IP. I mean, what kind of "Dominion determination" is that??? Hell, throughout all my 3 years of LoL life, and after checking through Boards last week, that was the first time I see people posting that Dominion is fun because of Hide & Seek. Let me guess. You just thought about it AFTER Riot announced its removal, huh? HUH??? And no, I am not in about the idea of replacing Dominion with another gamemode like URF. Cz after that, it will be URF's turn to suffer Dominion's fate. Let it be URF, One for All, or even Ascension. Doombots? Well, maaaaaaaybe, since we need a mode harder than Intermediate Bots anyway. #But it was Riot's fault that they never bothered to update Dominion! Oh shut up, if you're this determined to love playing it, then I'm sure the non-updated features doesn't bother you as well. Plus, there were various times where certain champions were nerfed/buffed around Dominion, so don't say Riot has completely forgotten about it. ---------- I'm just here expressing my thoughts about it.
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