Confused solo queue player needing advice!

Hi guys. I would like some advice on what people think I could do to improve my chances at winning in solo queue. 2 months ago, I steadily climbed up from gold 5 to gold 1 and came within 4 games of being platinum 5 rank. All seemed good and right with the world, until suddenly, I started losing. Now I'm not just talking about a couple losses. I'm not even talking about 10 losses in a row. I'm talking about losing 27 of the last 30 solo queue games I've played. I dropped from gold 1 to gold 5 in a week. I don't know what happened. I consistently win my lane and out farm my opponents, and often I have a better scoreline and creep score than any other player in the entire game. I'm kind of at a loss. I expect to lose every game now because, without fail, something always goes wrong. Now, I know some might say, you're just tilted from losing so much and you are probably making bad decisions for your team. For the first 10 games, that was true, and I didn't play as well as I normally would. At his point though, and I don't mean to sound like a jerk to my teammates, but my teammates are always... not good. Every single game. Even if they obliterate their lane (which almost never happens) they end up making some kind of decision where they get caught out, die, and the game is suddenly over. What do I do? I haven't suddenly gotten worse. I just cannot win a game. League is quickly losing its appeal because of this and I would greatly appreciate any input someone might have for me. Thanks!

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