Riot Games Summer Intern Q&A

We have twelve current Riot interns who are going to answer questions about their internship experience this summer. If you have a question about a specific area in Riot, you can direct the questions to the intern listed below. * Riot Koins, Network Operations * Riot Usher Voice, Project Management * NevermoreMB, Project Management * Riot Eh, QA * Riot Buck, Insights * Riot FeelsU, Engineering * Riot Brick Fort, Esports * Riot Katana, Esports * Riot Shao, Engineering * Riot Sherman505, North American Programs * CroissantCat, Regional Publishing * Nivyx, Publishing LATAM Everyone is standing by for your questions over the next two hours. Have a question about what it's like to be an intern at Riot? Ask them now! Thanks! To continue the conversation, we launched our [Official 2015 NA Summer Internship Thread]( on LinkedIn.
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