Missed Opportunites for Merch Store

There's some nice stuff in the new merch store but so many missed opportunities. • Frejord, frozen - Poro Shaped Ice Cube Molds • Throw Pillows, preferably Poro shaped • Wukong Banana Cookies • Leona’s shield Wall Decor • Baron Lamp • Baron paper weight • Dancing Baron Desk Toy • Poro Snack/Biscuit Cookie Molds • Crystaline Flask - Flask * Elixir Coffee Mugs • Blood Moon Kabuki Masks • Transforming Mecha Malaphite/Aatrox Toys • Dragon statue with clips (so he can roost on top of your monitors) • Volibear honey • 1lb Gummi-Zac • Gragas Barrels • Women’s Yoga/sweats with VICTORY on the bum • Yordel collection • Zilean Clock • Heimerdinger dancing toy that spins Last but not least, the one item that will sell like hot cakes and net you MILLIONS: • Teemo Stress/Squeeze Toy/Ball - preferably one where his head gets bigger when you squeeze his body P.S. Hire me Rito plz ;) EDIT: • Summoner's Cups! (or Chalice)

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