Morg is still an effective MID

Lately I've been in a number of scenarios playing Morg mid. I've been getting what I can only call new players saying "What? Morg mid? Never heard of that" I've also been kicked from numerous Q's due to me having Morg mid, sometimes with comments like you "___" noob, Morg isn't mid, uninstall, learn to play, must be your first game" For those who think this, you obviously weren't around that long since Morg has been an effective mid laner for a long time, this is NOT NEW and she is NOT just a support like so many have thrown at me lately. Karthus as well, I play him support some times and get hammered by other players for it. Let's look at the facts. He has a slow barrier, he can damage minions without taking the cs. He can Q dmg enemies, his ult can be used to take down champions' health for the adc. Tell me how he ISN'T a good support. While most champs have labels as to their lanes, some can be quite versatile and to hound and harass over it is ridiculous. Get over it, better yet, try it.
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