Why Doesn't Anyone Care About The Toxic Community?

Why doesn't anyone care about the awful community? I have loved LoL since the moment I started playing it 3 years ago. It is easily my favourite game in existence when looking strictly at the game play itself. But I have been at the breaking point for years in regards to the community. And it just seems like no one cares and it doesn't get any better. Since I started playing this game in S2 the community has been incredibly toxic. Every game you join you have someone in your game trolling, trash talking, or just BMing in general. Sure you can mute and you can report but it doesn't do anything. And why should we have to? Why are these people allowed to ruin the game for others? People act like this because they can get away with it. LoL has the absolute worst community I have ever seen on a game. And I have played a lot of games in my 23 years. LoL is perhaps the worst community in gaming history. We get all these promises about how they are going to reward positive play and punish negative play and IT NEVER HAPPENS. I've waited 3 years for this community to be improved but Riot is not willing to make the implementation to do so. And no one cares but I officially don't enjoy this game anymore because the community has ruined it for me. I'm going to go play the thousands of other online games with respectful player bases that help and better each other instead of chop down and insult each other.
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