Chery's S6 Mastery Review! :D

Hi everyone! _This is a complete detailed review over the new S6 Masteries!_ -------------------------------------------------------------------------- - **Ferocity (Offensive): ** **T1:****Fury:** a solid choice for heroes that depend on basic attacks or on-hit effects, it grants up to 4% attack speed without going too far. Still it is weak when compared to it's S5 counterpart. **(7/10 score)** **Sorcery:** even through it is not clear this mastery does increase the damage physical abilities do, still those 2% are nearly invisible in the early game, and can get up to 10 bonus damage if you deal 500 damage from an ability, so there is no point of comparison, Fury is actually a lot better as a mastery and its impact is the same on early game and late game; solid. To buff it I would just add a 0.75% extra damage so it would feel like a much more worth. **(6/10 score)** _-This Mastery should be renamed into something like "skillful", mainly because it can confuse players that will believe it only increases the effect of magical powers, also for 5 points it grants much less worth-_ _**At this point of the Tier Marksmen have the edge, even over AD Casters.**_ **Key 1:** **Double edged Sword:** this mastery is really solid, for one point it grants up to 1.5-2% extra damage in exchange of receiving a bit more damage. It is a good mastery for everyone and scales properly upon the late game. Still I would just give it a 2-3% extra damage instead, specially if you are up to take extra damage. **(7/10 score)** _-Mainly because it is the same as the past season and it is made a "key", even if it was regular before-_ **Feast:** the regeneration buff is kinda tricky, it is good if you want to stay on the lane, but the cooldown and the duration and the fact it does not scale means that it will loose importance as the game goes on and on. also it doesn't regenerate mana like it did before and it is not instant, for a Key mastery it feels weak. **(5/10 score)** _Marksmen still carry the edge, now especially those that are melee (Yi, Xin, Gnar, etc)_ **-Tier 2:** **Natural Talent:** when compared to the S5 equivalents, this one feels weak, why? Because it does not even get up to the 1 AD-AP per level in exchange for 5 points, it is a huge nerf for AP champs as they don’t get their early buff and have to pay for a mastery which grants them the AD they don’t need. Also you are losing the access to those old 4 flat AD or 6 AP flat that was a must use for.. let’s say… Everyone? So even if it feels like an overall buff for hybrid champions it is actually a nerf for all offensive champions in the overall, specially for AP, as they are already losing in this mastery tree. AP champs are losing 7 AP points, while AD Champs are only losing the 4 AD points. In exchange for 5 mastery points you are getting more stats, that scale _really badly_ and that you do not need. The impact of this mastery in both late game and early game is really low, as it feels weak both on late game and early game. **(4/10 score)** **Vampirism:** at last! This was finally moved to the offensive tree! But… well lets finally say it, it is really nerfed! You have to use 5 mastery points to get 2% life steal and magic-vamp (which should be called ability vamp) when in early seasons you only had to spend 3 points to get 3%. But now if you are up to get into the lane and want to get some edge I recommend using Vampirism, it scales much better into the lategame than Natural Talent, and it’s early sustain is kinda good even in early game, it also allows you to recover some life with smite and ignite! Still I am reallist, it is really weak, if I were to balance this tree I would remove 5% of Warlords Bloodlust life steal and I would make it have a 4 seconds cooldown. Also I would make Vampirism get 4% life steal instead. **(5/10 score)** **Key 2:** **Bounty Hunter:** this is useful if you are roaming on the whole map and want to get extra kills (and if you get them because assists do not count.. if you get them!!!!). This scales up to 5%! But it has actually no effect until you start killing people! So if your kit has no CC or if you don’t want to get an executioners calling or a frozen mallet, you better use this one (mainly because there isn't any other option), but you must know that this is a snowball mastery and it is not always reliable. **(5/10 score)** -At this point we needed more of a supp option like Expose Weakness, I am not saying that Bounty Hunter should be erased, I am saying we need more options- **Oppressor:** +2.5% extra damage against enemies under the effect of any cc is actually really useful, but it is also situational and not everyone has a kit that allows you to get full damage when the target is under the effect of any cc. This mastery benefits burst assasins like Annie, Syndra, Xerath, Talon, TF and characters with a constant slow like Ashe or Nasus (or anyone with a Crystal Scepter). I really like this mastery, but I must still say that it would be better to see more options at this point because not everyone can get full benefit of a mastery like this one. **(9/10 score)** ** -Tier 3:** & **Well, I want to stop here;** actually these masteries are the same (one for AD and other for AP –and here all the hybrid sense of the tree is lost), and they are much worse than those in S4 (which granted 8% armor and magic pen each one and you could choose both if you were going hybrid). So here all the sense is lost, there is not any option... _are you AP, AD or Troll?_ that’s the only question. **(4/10 score)** -I was hoping for something better so far, they should add an hybrid option at this point, also you are spending 5 points for less worth than before- **KEYSTONES:** **Warlords Bloodlust:** Do I need to say it? Any mastery with the face of Tryndamere in this game will be OP... and It is just OP for anyone with more than 15% critical chance (and I don’t need to talk about Yasuo or Tryn here), if you get more than 15% critical chance, or as it is the case now any core crit item (as most of them have 20-30% crit chance now), this mastery will be present ALWAYS (against minions, monsters and champions), healing you and granting those 20% bonus attack speed always. It is an OP mastery and It is really reliable with an strong pressence. If you get a Phantom Dancer and a Bloodthirster the ADC becomes just really hard to kill and the only way you could deal with it is with a team burst. This mastery by itself is making many people mad, so I could say it is a mastery that is toxic by itself and we have too much feedback in the forums about it. **(3/10 score)** -The concept is good, but the execution, the cooldown and the balance and the way it affects the game makes it toxic, especially when it interacts with other Life Steal items and the new Phantom Dancer passive- **Fervor of Battle:** this mastery fooled me, when I saw it I thought it was going to be an hybrid mastery (stacking % damage), instead we are seeing another AD mastery that is actually really reliable, OP and stacks A LOT. 1-8 AD per stack up to 10 stacks, this mastery itself means a lot of damage _for all AD sources_…. so yeah! This is OP, I actually would recommend this one over Warlords if you have armor pen in your runes, if you have too much attack speed (Kog), if you are able to spam spells (Irelia, Riven) or if you are a tank who just wants to get more AD than any AD core item could grant you. **(4/10 score)** -A decent concept, but with a bad balance and a blind eye for what the game needs; at this point we needed a legit hybrid mastery, a 1.5% damage per stack would have made it decent, but it is now a monster mastery by itself and grants just too much by sacrificing almost nothing- **Deathfire Touch:** this one is the hybrid mastery, it deals 2 + (17% AD) (7% AP) MAGIC damage per second for up to 3 seconds (which becomes half for any AoE damage or any DPS damage -almost any mage anyways-). The damage is actually low, specially for AoE and can be easily countered by any source of magic resist. Also I just need to say this, _it’s presence is really low on the game_ as it only damages champions, so you can’t use it to help you against the minions or in the jungle, so as a mastery compared to the AD keystones it actually sucks (except for DoT champs like brand... against champs only). My only recommendation to Riot about this mastery is; make it deal true damage, make it deal damage against minions and jungle monsters, make it deal full damage even in AoE and DPS powers, reduce the scaling; so this way it becomes a legit hybrid mastery -and we recover that old forgotten feeling Elder Lizard gave us- **(6/10 score)**_ -Good concept, but very weak in it's current state and with a very low pressence during the game-_ **Ferocity Tree Resume:** in the overall if you are an ADC this tree is for you (and the game, and the season, and the items), if you are an AP champ, well, this tree leaves just too much to desire, the % damage is awesome, but you just get to feel you are not getting anything which is specially designed for you and the only AP keystone doesn’t feel reliable when compared to the other 2, also you get to feel that the AD champs are just winning too much... way too much. -------------------------------------------------------- - **Cunning Tree:** **- T1:** **Wanderer:** well, you are using 5 mastery points to get only 3% movement speed –out of battle-, this is useful but it feels just too low for 5 points. **(6/10 score)** I would just set it to 4% or make it add flat movement speed instead, which benefits from extra % movement speed, or instead make it add movement speed always- **Savagery:** it is once again useful if you have attack speed as most spells are AoE skillshots, still the damage this grants is low and does not scale. **(4/10 score)**This would have been better as a % damage mastery, maybe as a 6-7% damage against monsters. specially because now junglers need a boost. **Key 1:** **Runic Affinity:** good for any jungler or if you want more time for any jungle buff. This is situational, also it still feels like a low amount of bonus duration, so it needs a buff, maybe not to it's duration, but it should add an extra effect. **(4/10 score)** -we all want more from this mastery- **Secret Stash:** biscuits are always delicious, and this one rewards you for buying life potions, but the effect it has over all the other potions is once again low and goes losing importance over the game. But in level 1 those biscuits could save you in any trade, so I would recommend this one over Runic Affinity… I would like to see those refillable potions turning into biscuits too! (Also I would like to see it morphing the refillable potions too). **(7/10 score)** -Come on Riot! I just want the whole f**** CAKE- **T2:** **Merciless:** good for anyone, this is a solid tier choice, still you are using a lot more points for a mastery which has a lesser effect when compared to its equivalent in the last season. Also! This means more KS chance for all of our supports! **(5/10 score)** -Situational, I would have made it deal 6% extra damage instead or made it work against champions below 60% of their max life instead of champs below 40%.. and more important! I would have made it work in minions and monsters too!- **Meditation:** good if you want to poke and you use mana, this is actually a hard choice, but once again the mana it grants is still low when compared to its equivalents from other seasons (S4-S5). **(6/10 score)**-Needs a small buff specially because we are now losing the mana potions- **Key 2:** **Bandit:** this seems like a true core support choice, but it is also good for champions that can poke you with AA like GP and others (specially for GP). Also it combines the S5 carrion and pickpocket masteries into one mastery, so this one is actually the one you should always take. **(9/10 score)** - A really solid mastery- **Dangerous Game:** the restored amount is still low (as it is based on your missing life) so I wouldn’t recommend this one (the pros never liked it either mainly because the math is bad). **(3/10 score)** _-needs to be reworked (add 2% of max life and mana to the math) and to be either mixed with the Stormraider mastery or with the Perseverance Mastery, and to make it proc when you kill siege minions and large monsters as well, because we lost the regen buff when we kill large monsters in the jungle, in this way we will have space for a new more useful mastery-_ **T3:** **Precision:** well… the amount of penetration this grants is just… low, not because it isn’t good, but because when you reach level 18 the enemy already has some items that grant a good defense (and because the base armor and base magic resist (melee) scales too (the armor scales more obviously), so this mastery would have been a lot better with only 5-8 flat penetration. Also this mastery is hybrid, which so far doesn’t make sense at all because mostly this tree will be used by AP champs (because honestly if you are an AD champ and you know about those Ferocity keystones then you must be a fool to go for a full cunning tree). **(2/10 score)** -This mastery slot should have been thought for AP champs, as a solid choice for any of them, specially if you are up to use Thunderlord's Decree, instead we have an Hybrid mastery that does not fit any solid purpose, mainly because the Ferocity tree is already the hybrid choice- **Intelligence:** a must use if you want to stack a lot of Cooldown reduction, I really can’t see anything bad about it… wait… ah yeah, it should add Cooldown reduction for summoner spells or inventory items again, mainly because those extra 5% CDR are not present until minute 20 at least and because you are just using too many mastery points with much less worth when compared to the S5 and the S4. **(7/10 score)** -It is good to finally see Riot breaking the hard 40% CDR cap, but still this mastery could be much more worth- **KEYSTONES:** **Stormraider:** useful if you are up to hit and run, I recommend this one if you want to poke your enemy and keep yourself safe (especially with the new must-use Mejai mechanics). Still the life cap it has makes It difficult to trigger and the Cooldown doesn’t help either. I think that if you compare this one with the Ferocity keystones you will get to the conclusion that it needs a buff and even more, it needs an extra utility, as it will only proc once only upon damage, and if you get a kill in the team fight it might not be present when u need it to truly run. And also it doesn't help you to kill your target and isn't too present in the game like the other Keystones, so it needs a buff. **(6/10 score)** - I would make this mastery grant free movement towards units and allow it to make it's user hard to see -but not stealthed- for 1.5 second, also this should proc on Large Monster kills and Siege minion kills and should be mixed with Dangerous Game.- **Thunderlord's Decree:** well, this one is a lot useful (even if the visuals are very disappointing), _but it is only present against champions_, does not help junglers or anyone who wants to farm (it should) and the Cooldown is high when compared to the damage capacity the other masteries bring. Still the only thing I would change is; deals true damage instead of magic damage (making this tree once again a good option for AD’s too, but also making them more poke oriented), make the visuals fit the icon. I would also change its mechanics, so that it becomes useful for anyone who wants to farm (maybe by making it proc against siege minions, large monsters and champions, but it would also have separate Cooldown for champions and monsters-minions… also I would make it deal 75% extra damage against monsters and minions). **(8/10 score)** -Solid in concept but with a really low pressence when it comes to any other ambit besides champion trades, also it should deal true damage instead of magic damage to make it solid for AD champs and it should be useful against monsters and minions- **Windspeaker:** hmm Janna pls? a mastery for almost every healer or anyone who wants to have a better shielding capacity. I think this one is OP for an AP janna build, it has a good synergy with Runic Armor. **(9/10 score)** -situational but solid, by itself it is just a really good choice- **Cunning Tree Resume:** this tree has lot of potential, but it needs to be refined a bit. It is a really good tree anyways, and is much more balanced than the ferocity tree, still it would be better to see more love towards the AP champs in this tree (by removing the armor penetration in the Precision mastery and granting it extra magic pen, which is by all means more vital for most AP champs than AP by itself). -------------------------------------------------------- - **Resolve Tree:** **Tier 1:** **Recovery:** I do not recommend using this one, it grants 0,40 life regeneration per second. It won’t scale on the late game and it is already a lame mastery. Also in the s5 you only had to pay 2 points to get the same regeneration, so this mastery is a trap. **(2/10 score)** -seriusly, this mastery is a real trap, it should be buffed up to 1-1.2 life regeneration per second or make it grant 50% extra base life regeneration instead (which does scale)- **Unyielding:** +6% resistances? yes, a good mastery, but when compared to it's S5 counterpart it is once again WEAK. Still there is no option here, just choose this one, it is the "better" one. **(4/10 score)** -when compared to the S5, this is a bad option for the points you are spending, but still it is the best option, anyways I would make it add flat bonuses instead or make it add up to 8% bonuses- **K1:** **Though Skin:** -2 damage taken from Auto Attacks and single target spells… ok, this mastery doesn’t make too much for you (specially when the enemy gets critical strikes), and besides the whole point of getting this mastery in the S5 was the bleeding effect you could get against monsters. **(1/10 score)** -it has the word LAME all over it, for a key, and specially at this point with those crazy criticals this mastery should have been this: -10% damage taken from critical strikes plus -3 damage from all sources- **Explorer:** useful if you want to roam in the whole map, still it is only situational, so I wouldn’t consider this mastery a good choice (unless you are Nidalee or Rengar), but you only have 2 choices, so you better choose this one. **(4/10 score)** -at this point we all feel we need more options, because this mastery isn't bad, but it just doesn't help too many champions- **Tier 2:** **Runic Armor:** if you are an ADC and you have a Janna or any healer/shielder as your support this mastery becomes crucial (also it becomes the whole point of getting into this tree anyways). It has synergy with Windspeaker, making them both a good combo. **(6/10 score)** -situational but kinda solid, it just needs a really small buff (1-2%)- **Veteran Scars:** If you compare this one with the old Veteran Scars and that Braum-Like S5 Icon mastery, you are getting a lot less life for more points, but still if you are up to get a mastery and you don’t have a team with healing or shields use this one. **(3/10 score)** -In terms of worth this mastery isn't worth it when compared to the S5, it should be up to 6% extra life to be full worth- **K2:** **Insigth:** this is the way Riot has to compense for the fact that teleport does no longer have a reduced Cooldown when used on turrets. We all feel this mastery shouldn’t be on this tree as it does not make any sense. Also I just need to say that this is a really good mastery when combined with Ionian Boots and the Distortion Boot enchantment. So yeah, _this should be on the Cunning Tree, because Cunning Tree champs will focus on CDR._ **(9/10 score)** -I really like the mastery, it is a solid mastery and all the Pros like it, but now it is not accesible as it was before, this should be on the Cunning tree and replace Dangerous Game, leaving space for a better tank key mastery- **Perseverance:** does no longer grant extra healing, instead it just increases your life regeneration, it is a must use for Garen, Singed, Mundo, etc. I feel this mastery needs a little buff, It would have been better to see it mixed with the Dangerous Game (wich has a really low presence) and to see the Insight mastery in the cunning tree. **(7/10 score)** -A good mastery that needs some extra effects but that is already a good choice- **T3:** **Legendary Guardian:** you are spending more points for an old mastery. Also it is situational and the bonus it grants isn’t always fully present, also if you are alone in the jungle this will not help you against the jungle monsters. **(3/10 score)** -There should always be a flat permanent amount and that extra quantity you gain when you are in battle, especially if you are getting to spend more points for less results when compared to S5- **Swiftness:** this mastery gets to the point. If you make a short analysis you will get to the conclusion that it is harder to get 15% tenacity and slow reduction than 15 bonus armor and magic resist (which isn’t always present). The only bad thing is.. it is now more hard to get than before, mainly because many of us liked to use Swiftness in S5 to have some extra chance to scape the enemy. **(10/10 score)** -Solid, good, balanced, with good stats and a totally worth relation between mastery points and benefits, I must admit that when Riot mixes masteries they do it well- **KEYSTONES:** **Grasp of the Undying:** do you see Nasus on the icon? I do. This mastery is really solid, it's only problem is one -it deals magic damage- (and should be made clear in the tooltip). The damage it deals will be really heavy against any squishy you find, so it is a must use, especially if you are Nasus, I mean, it has your name all over it you Doggy Boy. **(7/10 score)** -a good reward for going tanky and sacrificing damage, but it should deal true damage instead as already many tanks do not use magic penetration so it will benefit more tanks than others- **Strength of Ages:** it is really useful, grants sustain and a good help. Still I would tune up some things. I would make it proc when an enemy champion is killed too, also I would make it heal by 100 +3-4% of the max life instead of it healing only 100 life points (which is really low for a late game math). **(6/10 score)** -needs more pressence when fully stacked and needs pressence when a champion dies, also that Garen in the icon is kinda hot- **Bond of Stone:** useful if you are tanking, but really a pain in the ass if the enemy has a heavy AoE effect, because if it gets to hit the whole team you will take a 32% extra damage (unless it only protects one ally which is never made clear in the tooltip). Also it is really OP in a single combat, if the enemy ADC has a Phantom Dancer and the support has this mastery with exhaust the enemy ADC will be too hard to kill, and even more if the ADC has Warlords and Life Steal... almost like a tank. **(5/10 score)** -Even if it is good in concept it can make dueling and 2 vs 2 really hard with a Phantom Dancer on the equation, this should be reworked (or PD), also a more detailed tooltip should be added (does armor or magic resist affect the damage shared? or you only receive magic damage?, I would recommend it to be true so that the user of this mastery truly receives the damage it is taking for it's ally- **Resume of the Resolve Tree:** it feels like a nerf over the defensive tree, even if the keystones seem strong one can’t avoid this bad feeling: the tanks are losing a lot of their old defensive capacities, specially they are losing flat stats, versatility, defense against criticals. --------------------------------------------- **Overview of the S6 mastery system:** _OK, if you got this far you deserve a cookie!_ {{item:2010}} I think we all can feel the AD champs are getting too much advantage, even if I was to play a tanky champ I would go full into the ferocity tree, just because of the AD keystones, as they grant too much damage and too much advantage when compared to all the other masteries (I mean Fervor of Battle grants more damage than any core AD item now and Warlords healing and attack speed is just too strong, making many ADC's forget about the life steal, building just critical, specially now that Thornmail is nearly useless -yes Riot please buff Thornmail a bit-). The new utility (cunning tree) feels really versatile and balanced but it needs an small buff, specially more love for AP champs. The Resolve tree just feels weak, there are too many lame choices in it that need to be changed or deleted. Also if you compare this new mastery system with the old ones you get to feel that it is just lackluster if you are not an ADC… you have no real options, there is no versatility, it is always option 1 and 2, and if you are AP there is only one choice per tier. It would be good to see more and more choices (like before) and to see those choices having more worth, because if you compare some masteries against their counterparts of S5 and S4 you just see them as weak masteries and as a waste of mastery points. Also we need more balance over the AD keystones and to see the Fervor of Battle mastery turned into a % damage mastery instead (because I could go into the battle as an ad tank and get 80 free AD.. and I won’t mention Kog here). I would like to see the AP keystones being more present (Deathfire, Stormraider and Thunderlord -and the same for Resolve-Tank Keystones), as they only serve against champions and the damage they deal is low by itself, so it can be good to have them present against monsters and minions too. Also it would be good to be able to spend your remaining points on the same tree (maybe not in the keys but at least in the tiers). Also It would be good to see more love for the AP and the tanks in the over all, and to have at least 4 or 5 keystones instead of only 3. ---------------------------------------------------------- **Conclusion:** we need more masteries (options) –at least 4 choices per tier, 3 keys per tier and 5 different keystones-, we need better masteries –when compared to s5 and s4- (worth), we need buffs to the weak masteries and much more balance over those AD broken masteries. Also we need to be able to spend our remaining points on the same tree (over tiers and not key masteries -if we could choose various keys it would be OP-). That’s all, if you have any comment go ahead! With love Chery :D
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