Riot sides with bullies

This organization clearly has no sympathy for sufferers of autism spectrum disorders nor do they care how we react to verbal abuse. I do not initiate abuse yet get punished for responding to horrible verbal abuse. As far as I'm concerned riot tends to side with the bullies against the victim due to bullies ganging up and reporting in mass. Thank you for making me feel bullied and persecuted for my disorder by only punishing me and not my bullies. Feel free to print out the text of both sides showing how abusive yi was. If you only print out one side it takes out context. Anyhow this isn't the first time I've been punished when I have either been polite or responded to constant abuse. If more than one person reports you riot tends to take the bullies side and punish. Yet if they use homophobic comments against me I see them playing still without issues.
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