Between Two Turrets - Come chat with Riot Afic! [COMPLETED]

Welcome to the latest installment of Between Two Turrets, a Q&A series through which we connect you with various Rioters to chat about League, life, and anything in between. You can expect an installment every two weeks or so, with Rioters from all over jumping in to spend some time with you on the Boards.

This week, we've got we’ve got Playtest Team Lead Adam "Riot Afic" Cohen!

EDIT - Alright, heading back to work. Good chatting with you all!

Hey all!

My name is Adam ‘Riot Afic’ Cohen, and I'm lead on the Playtest Team. Previously, I'd also done some QA work on the AI update, Doom Bots, and various other gameplay related stuff. The Playtest team is a group of high ranking League players (ranging from mid Diamond to Challenger) who focus primarily on providing empirical, actionable feedback to designers and other teams. When I’m not actively playtesting new champions, items, or other changes, I do my best to make sure other development teams at Riot have a good understanding of what player perception will likely be around their changes.

I personally have been playing League since Beta and was able to reach D1 picking mostly support and AD. My favorite champions are Bard, Tristana, Kalista, and Gnar. When I’m not playing League, I’ll spend time playing through whatever game is my latest addiction (most recently that's been Don’t Starve).

I’ve been at Riot for 2 and half years now, and before then I briefly worked at Turbine and then Irrational Games for ~6 months working on Bioshock Infinite (look for me in the credits!). Seeing as how those are both east coast companies, you might be able to guess that I'm from the area. I grew up in Newton, MA (city just outside of Boston), and majored in physics at UMass Amherst. Since I'm from the Boston area, that also makes me a Boston sports fan. Turns out being a Patriots fan in California isn’t the best conversation starter… go figure.

Feel free to ask me any questions, but don’t be surprised or disappointed if I answer sarcastically or with some sort of awful, awful pun!

-Riot Afic
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