LoL-Themed Game Show looking for Contestants!

Intro: League of Gambling
The official introduction to League of Gambling. League of Gambling is always, and will always be 100% FREE. Music is "Unchained (The Payback / Untouchable)" by James Brown / 2Pac Airs every day at 9pm EST - 12am EST. (6pm PST - 9pm PST) Bet for free. Win RP.
What's up guys? My name is Casino Manager / Casino Owner and I host League of Gambling, the first and only LoL-Themed Game Show on Twitch! It's **100% FREE** to participate and ANYONE can win RP! Viewers place **100% FREE** bets on streamed matches (typically Viewer Games) and one random winner for each bet gets an RP prize! Open to ALL regions and airs EVERY NIGHT at 9pm - 12am Eastern time! If you would be interested in being a contestant, head over to the channel and let a Moderator know! Proof of prizing: There's a full FAQ in the Twitch channel description, but here's a short one: **Q. Why is it called "Gambling" if it's free?** A. Because you're "betting" your chances of winning on a certain outcome. If you "bet" wrong, you can't win the RP for that wager. Also "League of Rewarded Guessing" sounds awkward. **Q. How do you make any money from this?** A. We don't. Seriously. Hopefully one day we will get big enough to turn a profit from Donations/Subscribers, but until then, we're just giving out free stuff and crossing our fingers. (Taking a gamble, you could say.) **Q. How do I get the RP?** A. We send an RP Code to you via Twitch whisper immediately! For any other questions, PLEASE read the Twitch channel FAQ, and if you still have questions, ask any of the channel mods! See you guys tonight, Casino Manager
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