Petition for Riot to add a Scuttle Crab Plush to their Merch Store

Riot Games: Scuttle Crab Plush 2k17
There are 3 Teemo plushes in the merchandise store currently, however, there is not a single Scuttle Crab one. I, and many other players, would love for this to be an addition to the store.
Hello fellow League of Legends players! For the past few months, a friend of mine has had the idea for a scuttle crab plush to be added to the Riot Merch store. After having a conversation with a Rioter last night after a friendly game he gave us the idea of creating a petition to raise awareness for the idea. Of course Riot would have all credit and ownership of the idea, this is just to put the idea out there and attempt to bring it to attention. We hope that you would be willing to sign it to help get the idea out there and to show Riot a great idea that they could easily capitalize off of. Thanks for reading!
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