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So...You log in and you get the window that says "Chat restrictions for the next ___ games"... You can generally think back to something you have said in the previous weeks that would warrant those chat restrictions.. I have gone through 3 chat restrictions in the last 9 months...and I can say I probably deserved them. But after this last one I have been salty to nobody I have not talked about anyones mom...or the fact that they suffer from downs. I decided to be civil to everyone regardless of the way they act. But still I log on today to find I have chat restrictions for the following 35 games and unable to play ranked for X amount of games. Knowing I said nothing to offend anyone...What the fk ? Why am I being punished? I received no email from riot explaining why or how they came to this conclusion. Anyone else run into this? I wont say I havent had bad games where I may go into the negative. But I didnt name call or anything. I finished my game and moved on to the next one...I would imagine that is what the punishment is for...but when im being punished regardless of my behavior im wondering whats the fkn point in being polite if im going to lose chat either way. Just wondering if anyone else has been in this situation?
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