It was once my life

It was at about 2011, I was young I was in school. Everyday when I walked into my classroom, there must be someone talking about league. I can still remember one of my friend said "I am very good at Master Yi" or " Hey do you want to play league with us?" Every time he asked me about this, my answer is "No, I don't have time." And that is how I end our league conversation. But in the deepest part of me there is always a voice that is telling me to try to play league and make more friends. Due to the school pressure and a laptop that is older that I am I decided to give up that thought. Time goes very fast. 5 years later, I got a new laptop, and all those league conversation has been forgotten some where in my brain. One day, I heard someone talking about league again, and they asked me to join them and play together. And that is when I started playing league. When I started playing league the first thought came into my head is "wow, this game is hard!" and at that time I do not know what is "AP","AD","CS" or "attack speed" etc. I just buy all kinds of random stuff. Then things is getting harder and harder. And I have to ask one of my friend for help (he is plat). He taught me what to buy, how to farm etc.Then I was getting better and better. After that I started to play Ahri it was hard at first and I do not know her combos and I was the one that always gives out first blood. But this did not stop me, I started to play league more often to practice my skill and mostly to have fun with my friends. You might think why my title is "it was" not "it is". This is because all my friends that used to play with me is somehow boosting to a higher rank or became toxic. They starts to blame me that I am bad or blame other people. I thought if I play solo queue will be better and have a normal game, but I was wrong. Those that I matched up with is all kinds or rude people, they auto lock and blame you for trying to take their lane, or something like " mid or troll" . Some people is just rude they feed enemy team and lost the game then they turn back and blame their team mate or report enemy team for cheating and being totally salty. Thank you riot for making this game, this game make me laughed, cried, and helped me made a lot of friends. But since S7 starts it become harder for me to keep playing. Because all kinds of people in the game and the player match up system (my team is all bronze enemy is all silver or gold). It is a very hard time for me to stop this but I really hope this game will become better.
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