Omg, Rito Is Giving Out Free Skins!!!

Celebrating the end of this year's Snowdown
Say farewell to your friends, for Snowdown has passed. The Legend of the Poro King conquered at last. We won some, we lost some, we tossed many poros. Some landed and some missed, that is just how it goes. Who really won this Snowdown? Only the poros know.
I can't believe they're actually giving out free skins {{summoner:30}} Which skin does everyone hope to get? "Over the next few days, we'll be rewarding positive League of Legends players with a classic Mystery Gift as thanks for being such an awesome part of our community. If you haven’t received a chat restriction, ranked restriction, 14-day ban or permanent ban in 2014, and you meet the requirements to receive a Mystery Gift (you’re Level 5 or higher and there are at least 10 skins you don’t own), you’re on our list!" - Rito 2015 Jan 6 TL:DR: free mystery-gift for everyone that never got restricted.
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