You have to STOP attacking teammates for mistakes

One of the worst parts of league is its community A community filled with stubborn egomaniacs Here is my proposition STOP yelling at teammates, STOP attacking them for playing wrong, STOP whining in all chat about how bad they are What should you do? If you're really THAT MUCH BETTER than another player, you should be able to TEACH that player and give him/her POINTERS Instead of just whining and whining. If you're not able to teach another player, or help them fix their mistakes, you are just as or worse of a player than them, simply said. Now of course there will always be those players who troll, those players who don't listen and have no care for any help teammates are trying to give. This is not for them. There are ALWAYS players who want to learn, who are actually trying, and actually are willing to get better, and cursing those players out, don't help at all Next time a player curses you out, ask them to tell you what you should do differently, and if they can't you know that that player is just as bad.
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