Riot your new champion selection is TRASH

Ok so im a salty player who just got screwed by the champion select, but can riot PLEASE fix the clarity of the new clients champions select? You cant tell a difference WHAT SO EVER between if it is or isnt your turn to ban something and ive been screwed over WAY TO MANY TIMES BY THIS. Heres the old champ select, you can tell its your turn to ban by the large orange BAN in the middle of your screen Now i cant find a picture but in the new clients champion select its a small little ban sigh THAT NO ONE CAN SEE. CAN RIOT PLZ FIX THERE CLARITY ON THE NEW CLIENTS CHAMPION SELECT IVE DODGED 3 GAMES IN LIKE 1 DAY CAUSE OF THIS AND IM BEING HIT WITH THE PENATY. 30 MINS FOR RANKED.
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