Leaver Buster is stupid so I am only playing dota now

I Started league at the start of beta then I quit about a year because league kept causing my computer to blue screen. Around this time I started playing Dota 2 with some friends and enjoyed it a lot. I still had some friends that played league and I tried every 3 months or so but would just constantly crash and log back in. Eventually I just uninstalled league about 2-3 weeks ago I reinstall and try to play some games, everything was working well, then more blue screens. 2 weeks ago put a post up and no answer, another one 5 days ago no answer. In the mean time I kept trying out solutions then try a game, then crash. I finally figured it out (it was a driver associated with daemon tools that apparently does not like league), but at this point I had enough DC's to put me at 15min low priority. Whatever I will do it, 4 games later no problems 5th game I have a power outage for 3-5 minutes get back in game I'm about 3 levels behind in an aram. I get out and leaver bust reset my count and put me at 20 minutes of wait time. SO after getting no help from Riot I fixed my tech problem, and was almost done with the leaver buster system, but this is r%%%%%ed. I'm pretty done with league now the couple games I wanted to play with some friends and the occasional solo arams are not worth almost an hour of queue times for trying to solve a tech problem myself. I wasn't even playing ranked, and was starting to consider playing ranked if I could play consistently since I would have a consistent partner for it (something I only did in s1 and i think s3). Honestly fuck this I have 0 leaves in dota because it doesn't crash, I hate that league even has a surrender button. I don't acctually leave games but apparently League does not care and while dota would still auto kick you to low priority it would only be 5 games with about a 5minute queue where you can't pick you hero and have to play with a bunch of toxic players which I could deal with. /rant
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