Finding Your First Main

I was talking to Riot Neon about how I got into League, and she asked me to share my story. I played one game of League of Legends in beta as Karthus, and I absolutely hated the game because it seemed really strange that my autoattacks were super slow, and I had to constantly spam Q to get damage off. I came back a month before the first season started, and the very first champion I played was Akali because she was free that week. The first three games I played I ended up with about 30 kills a game and had close to 90 kills after 3 games. I loved that she was a snowbally assassin that felt really rewarding to kill other players with and stuck with her as my most played champ that week. I spent a lot of time using her to level up to 30, before I eventually switched into playing Katarina, another reset champion. I remember returning to Akali after not playing her for a long time during my first tournament at IPL3. I spent maybe less than a week practicing her, and we had to use a substitute mid laner, so I had to play top lane Akali which was very far from my comfort role. I played against Hotshotgg's Galio top lane and killed him solo while he tried to TP away and won the series and the tournament. Looking back, it's been a while since i've played her. She's been relatively low priority as one of my picks, but I know one day she'll be back as one of the champions I enjoy playing mainly because her kit is really fun for me to use. So how about you? How did you find your first main?

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