Petition to get 3 refunds at level 30

OK, in the vast realm of league purchasing and rp/ip, skins, champions , even ward skins, there is a lot of room for mistakes. Blowing all your refunds because of random mistakes pre level 30 is one of them. I believe that every league player should have a second chance to refund stupid purchases once we've wisened up- around level 30. So my petition is, when players hit that level 30 mark, we should get 3 additional refunds. I believe the majority of the league community would agree with me on this. Riot, if you have a specific set of reasons why you can't do this, I'm sure the community would at most agree. We understand that refunds are a great power to have, and could affect business, but I believe that the league players are given a very small window for their purchase mistakes. Thanks for reading and I hope that someone at Riot could comment on this.

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