League of Lyrics

Hey guys XD Anyone made any raps/songs about league of legends? Here's my Soraka one ^_^ Sorappa {{champion:16}} Yo, it's the god-tier sup, b-------es call me Soraka I'm the Star Child, fool! You're just a lame motherf--------- Clear your locker, little Darry, you think you're so damn fly You'll be getting ten kills, but you'll die twenty times! I'll heal my Garen straight from zero to one-hundred real quick While the damage you're dealing matches the size of your- Ermm We banned Blitz, Jihn and Jax, you weren't even third pick! And most of your skins would make Urgot sick! Don't cry, dry your eye, please Silence if you will. You could only really Wish to ever handle this skill! I'm a guardian of the galaxy, call me Peter Quill! (I'm a Star Lord!) This Star Child's about to get that pentakill! Lets see who's got the best bars! XD
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