Tips on how to be the carry that your support hopes for (from a support main)

Hey buddy. I'm your support. Odds are, we're a couple of strangers who have never met, and will never speak, and we're going to be expected to act as a perfect unit for the next 20 odd minutes while we duke it out against two other guys in the same situation. It's often hard to know what to do, and what the other guy expects, so I just want to give you a few friendly tips so we can go ahead and crush these other schmucks as hard as possible. These are things that, as a support main , I either really love, or really hate to see, in no particular order, that can make you a higher quality of right click warrior. 1) If I am being attacked, you should be attacking someone. If you are being attacked and I am peeling people off you, you should be running until you're out of danger. DONT run away if I'm being whacked on (I will die ) and DONT try to turn and take a kill if you're low and I get someone low (I can kill them, no reason for you to put yourself in danger.) 2) please practice your CSing. Go into a custom game and make sure you can last hit nearly every creep. There is nothing more frustrating than losing a lane for no reason because a guy who's been basically free farming is 40cs down on his opponent. If I fed two kills for no reason would you be annoyed? Being outfarmed is the same thing. 3) I give you all the gold in the lane so you can spend it wisely. Please build items that make sense. DONT: -Build early crit chance before AD -Rush BT as a first item -Build boots, especially Zerkers, before you have your first big item You should pretty much be bee lining to get IE (when in doubt), Bork (If you're someone who uses that), or maybe TF (situational.) if you have spare gold, buy something towards last whisper. AFTER that first item, get boots. Too many carries get super lost when they can't build BF on their first back. ADC itemization is pretty darn easy and we both worked hard to get that gold, don't come back to lane with a shiny pair of bezerkers on your first back. 4) if you're taking tower aggro, 9 times out of ten that's a bad idea. Supports are made to cc. If the enemy support is around, odds are they can keep you under that tower way longer than you wanted to be there. Tower aggro: not even once. 5) when you're ever in doubt, next to me is NEVER a bad idea mid/late game. The closer you are to me, the easier it is to peel for you in a fight. I'm positioning like a squishy too most of the time, so unless I'm a Leona who's actively licking the nostrils of the enemy team, stick with me and we should be golden.
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