vote to kick players in champion select pick & bans (as in surrender) sort of gauge below its name

Hello, After playing with a lot of trolling and flamer, I think I found a solution to this problem which ruin RANKED it would suffice to add a button to kick player in champion select picks & banns, each player could Clicked the button in front of the player who troll. if the champion combination is not good but nobody wants to leave because of the time penlity. Every player would warn that one of them was voted to kick with a sort of gauge below its name (as in the surrender), when a player is kick by three or more players, the player in champion select is kicked and if that player is too often kick, it follows the restrictions / bans scheduled to someone leave too much game. By this suggestion hopefully improve games for everyone, not leave the team and take restriction because of some player, because he must leave the team by kick. Not to lose time and LP, but also improve the chat in game, it is not filled with insults (at least as little as possible) so the games whether or not RANKED would be more stable. when a player is kicked (need 3-4 vote on yes ) you can re queue for a new game . if you're satisfied with your team please play the game. being salty doesnt matter since when most of them voted NO [](

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