Behind the Scenes of Braumix

Today we’re speaking with Jomm and Domics, the creative masterminds behind the incredibly catchy [Braumix]( and [Teemix]( remixes! Read on to find out how they got into animation and what it’s like to make cool videos for the League community. #**Tell us a bit about yourselves! And what's Hyun's Dojo?** **JOMM:** My name's Jomm and I'm an in-house animator for Hyun's Dojo. Dom and I are both independent animators; he takes care of all the audio and we divvy up the animation work together. Braumix and Teemix are actually the first times we've collaborated on a big scale. **DOMICS: **Hi, I’m Domics! I started animating in 2012 after graduating from an Architecture Program but was still unsure of what my future would be like. Jom and I have worked on several animations together in the past but the Champion Remix series is probably our biggest project to date. I generally do the Audio work but plan on working with other music artists that I know would be interested (I'm quite the amateur when it comes to music composition). While Jomm did most of the animation for Teemix, we've moved on to splitting up the animation work since Braumix. Jomm's been animating on Flash for much longer than I have (I think over 6 years) so he has much more experience than I do, but it's collaborative projects like these that allow me to learn and grow as an animator! [Hyun's Dojo]( is basically a community hub of and for animators and those interested in animation. It welcomes talents at all sorts of levels and is a great way to build a network between animators. While I am not deeply involved with its operations, I am closely affiliated with the Dojo and I am also close friends with all of the in-house animators. #**How did you two meet and start working together? ** **JOMM:** I don't even know how I met Dom! I just thought he was some crazy Dojo fan at first, but it turned out he was a mutual friend of Hyun! **DOMICS: **Jomm and I met at Anime Expo in 2013 but I actually had no idea who he was. I've met Hyun online beforehand and was a fan of his work and excited for his official release of the Dojo at the time. I saw Jomm wearing a Hyun's Dojo t-shirt at AX so I hollered at him, but it was nothing more than a random encounter. #**How did you get into League? What are your favorite champs and roles to play?** **JOMM:** I got into League because I wanted to help out with the projects our studio makes about League. We're best known for the Stick Figure Spotlight and Summoner Showdown series. I prefer mid lane but since everyone in the universe also likes mid, I just learned to fill! **DOMICS:** I started League in season 3 when a friend of mine invited me to try it out. We did a 1v1 and the first champion I tried was Singed against her Ashe. It was a terrible experience and I ended up uninstalling the game afterwards. Later that year, my friend Wendy (aka Natsumiii) convinced me to give the game another try and I ended up enjoying the game after getting a deeper understanding of its mechanics. I tend to play mid laners a lot and some of my favorites include Veigar, Diana, Nidalee, and Twisted Fate. My goal is to be a balanced player so I've made an effort to try out every champion (almost owning all of them) and every role. Jungle is still my weakest. #**What's your favorite part of creating League-inspired content?** **JOMM:** My favorite part of making League content is that all the characters are already fleshed out with their own jokes and back stories. It's like having inside jokes with all the viewers. **DOMICS:** Through networking, I've met a lot of content creators in the League community so I've done several collaborations with them, and I found that animating League content was very fun. I find the champions have a lot of personality which makes it all the more entertaining to create content inspired by them. #**What's your favorite video you've ever created and why?** **JOMM:**I think every mix episode that's a work in progress is my favorite, until I get sick of listening to the song a thousand times while working on it. **DOMICS: **I don't have as much League content in my portfolio as the other Dojo animators, so I'm quite limited to the Champions Remix series. Teemix will probably stand to be one of my favorites, if not the most, as it was the catalyst that led Jomm and I to continue to remix more champions. Being able to make content based on one of my favorite video games is what makes this all worthwhile! #**Do you collaborate with any League creators besides each other?** **JOMM:** I haven't really collaborated with any content creators outside the Creator Lab event, although LilyPichu is usually my go to voice actor if I ever need one. Shoutout to our Special Effects animator [Miccool](; he's always the unsung hero of our team! **DOMICS:** I've worked with [LilyPichu](, [Natsumiii](, [PlayerPOV](, and [Blakinola](, to just to name a few. And then there was the Creator Lab event where I got to meet and work with numerous other talented creators that I've only known about online. If I had the time, I'd love to make another animation series in the future about League and have some of those creators voice in the episodes. But I'll leave that for another day. #**Any advice for any aspiring YouTube creators out there?** **JOMM:** I think my best advice is to be original. That doesn't mean it has to be extremely creative or intricate, but execute it well enough that you stand out from the others. There are tons of things you can do beyond just game-play videos. **DOMICS:** For anyone thinking about starting YouTube videos, just think about the reasons why you haven't started yet. If you're doing it for fun, then there really shouldn't be many restrictions for you to do so. If you have enough passion to create and entertain an audience, then that's all the drive you need to get started. Don't worry about whether or not your work will be well received. We've all had to start somewhere! Just remember that there is always room for improvement. *Hungry for more? Leave your questions and comments for Jomm and Domics below! You can also check Jomm out on YouTube [**here**]( and Domics [**here**](* Miss out on Teemix? We’re (not) sorry.
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