Quick shoutout to a nice jungler named Command27...

Just wanted to give a quick shoutout to a nice jungler I ran into a while ago. Lately I've been working on learning top lane, and when everyone's favorite Death Pony Hecarim returned to meta popularity a little while ago, my teammates suggested I take him for a ride. I had played Hecarim in the jungle early on in my LoL career (got Arcade Hecarim at S3 worlds!) but hadn't really tried him out since then. Queued up in Team Builder, got matched up against a Garen top, and gave up first blood in the first few minutes. Oops. I apologized to my team, headed back up top, got some CS, and died again. Our jungle Shyvana - a player named Command27 - reminded me that I was behind and shouldn't fight him. "Got it!" I typed back. Then I died again. Then he took my turret, and I was mildly relieved for the opportunity to farm at the second tower. Mildly relieved until I died again. I don't remember much of the rest of the game, except that I managed to be somewhat useful in teamfights despite giving Garen a good 6-7 kills going into the teamfight phase. We ended up winning, and in the post-game chat I had just thanked my team for their patience (and for carrying me) when I saw that the jungle Shyvana said something that made my day: good job hec, you came back strong also, thanks for not yelling at me about not ganking top top was lost and i needed to help other lanes snowball It's just a small gesture -- a few chat messages before queuing up for another game -- but it made me feel way more comfortable trying out new stuff in pickup games. Thanks, Command27!
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