What's your biggest Noob Moment?

Sup doods! I was going through last week’s [origin story thread](http://riot.com/1z0bgzg) and loved reading how everyone found their way into League. As I was reading, I also noticed tons of you had some pretty hilarious noob moves to share, so I figured this week we could share our fondest memories of being pretty terrible at the game! So to get things rolling, I figured I’d treat all of you with my most noobtastic move. I got pretty deep into League shortly after launch. I had been playing WoW for a few years but as a college student the time commitment to raids and recurring cost was, much to my dismay, a bit too much for me at the time. That's where League came in. It was a great way for me to keep in touch with friends at far away schools, and games were short enough that I could play around my ever-expanding course schedule. As with most games, I let it absorb me. I farmed up a pretty decent line up of champions, spent tons of IP figuring out the rune combiner, and generally just threw myself into the experience head first. After a few months of this, I considered myself to be a pretty decent player and was the go-to-guy in my group of friends for tips on improving. One day, a friend of mine decided he was going to begin learning support and was curious about my setup for Taric. I ran him through my runes, helped him understand how his abilities worked and explained to him the viability of armor crafted in or around the 5th age. I even likened the importance of dazzle’s range and positioning to playing a holy paladin in arenas (his main at the time). Everything was going great until he asked me about how you develop your Taric "mastery"... Me: “Well, you’ll build mastery over time, but it will take a bit to get used to everything…” Him: “Huh, no not like 'mastery', like the talent tree stuff.” Me: “What talent tree?” Him: “You know, the talents, called masteries...” Me: “How long have those been there?!” *facepalm* **Now I want to hear about your noob moments!**
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