Can I have a 1v1 (ranked or normal I don't give a damn) map or something?

Since I won't become a pro player I play this game for fun right but my problem is WHERE THE HELL IS FUN? I play dominion for fun but nope there are bots, I play Aram for fun but nope there is usually an afk on my team or one of my teammates dash in with that r%%%%%ed snowball spell thinks he is Faker tries to 1v5 and feed the enemy. Not to mention the mode is freaking rigged either you outplay your enemy with ranged champions or vice versa. I play SR for fun but nope there are trolls, ragers, feeders, drunks, junglers never gank, top laners never tp and join the fights, supports that don't even know what ward is. No matter how hard I try to win the game I know I will lose. Hell I'm not even gonna talk about smurfs, duos that stomp me and my team and end the game before 20 min, or report system which is freaking useless. I swear if there was a chance for me to get my $600+ back I would delete this game in a heartbeat. Even that stupid card game (hearthstone) better than this cancer. Bring back tribunal and give me a 1v1 map so I can have some fun before I forget that feeling. Inb4 Nazi modes remove my thread with that stupid don't be a jerk warning.
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