Oh, I'm Sorry, I Didn't Know That You Should Stop If You're Bad At Something

I was recently in a normal game, in my other account. I just bought Veigar, and I was helping my friend who was a lower level than my actual account get a hang of things. So I made another account to help him in understanding the game. After he and I played, I bought Veigar and I alone went into a normal game to see how he worked. I called mid first, but then some misunderstood little summoner came in and picks Ahri and says that since i called "mi", I didn't actually get the role of mid. When I actually called "mid" the first time, but the second time I called, i didn't quite click the letter "d". We get into the game, and I am forced out of my lane because of, we are gonna call her, Arrogant Ahri. Nothing new there. The game goes on, and the longer the game goes, the more this Ahri trash talks me. Then, we get to the post-loss game screen, and he tells me that even if I did call mid first, that he doesn't trust "noobs" in carrying. And he proof that I was a noob was that I was level 17. He was level 20. HUGE difference. Then, he friend requests me, and me being my stupid self, accept it, to see what he has to say. Then, as the conversation goes on, He tells me that he "hates noobs like [me]" and that I shouldn't "play anymore". Then, a simple "'plz" at the end, as if to seal the deal. I'm sorry. I didn't know that if I was bad at something, that i should stop.
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