Why, Just Why?

Things were going so well. We were winning, communicating...thinking I was going to win this game. This **ranked**match. Think again. The concept of being a support is to support one's teammates to ensure survival and kills, right? The point of this game is to work as a team to accomplish goals and achieve victory, correct? How on Earth did this player not grasp these concepts? The time was between 2:00 and 2:30 Eastern, upon Summoners Rift, where Zed decided he was going to push bot lane. Lux, filling the role of support figured she'd help him survive and maybe take down the opposing teams second tower. She didn't want creep score, or kills on enemy champs, just to help this Zed. Zed warned Lux to go away, let him push alone or he'll afk. Trying to tell him what she was doing, for the good of the team, he went back to base and sat for several minutes. As time went on, the Zed continued going to bottom lane alone, dying every time to the enemy Talon, refusing to group up with the rest of the team to defend against the onslaught of enemies. Zed's allies were enraged, asking why he was doing this. He replied "I'm only here for fun, this is my smurf." He explained how he and his friend, Tryn, were in a call together. Lux, frustrated, said "So that gives you the right to sabotage our match?" "Yes" That was all he said. He felt no remorse about throwing the game, because he refused to join the game. So thank you, Zed, for throwing our game. For being one of the many reasons why I hate this game.
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