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**Edit, 7/1/2016 @ 9:28A.M - Thank you for all the voting you've done! It'd be a great help if you'd encourage your friends to drop by and do the same! I'd also love to read each of your individual thoughts on the matter, if you're in favor of my idea or against it - please don't be shy! Thank you again for voting, keep it up - let's make our voices heard.** First things first, I'm posting this under 'miscellaneous' if for nothing more than fear that my thread will be deleted if I choose another subsection. http://i.imgur.com/gO15Pd6.png I'm not sure how many players that own all the champions are still active on a semi-daily basis .. but for those that are, blue essence is infuriating. As you can see I'm overly abundant in the stuff and the only direction you've given me to even attempt to "burn" (I use that word **very** loosely) through it is via Mastery 7. Simply unacceptable, at least to me. What would be the harm in giving us a 100 to 10 conversion option? I'd be ok with a ridiculously heavy sliding scale **if it would allow me to convert blue essence (which is useless to me) into orange essence (which is not).** This should have been launched from day 1 but somehow you guys seemed to overlook accounts like mine and I'm sure many others that have to stare at this new form of "currency" you introduced, that again, has no immediate value. Please reconsider your current option regarding blue essence and how accounts that own all champions interact with it. Thanks for reading, if you did. @RiotMeddler (literally the only Rioters name I remember these days, RIP community interaction s1-s3)
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