I spent 3 hours trying to psyche myself up and make me feel good about myself

I decided to meet someone new and play with a close friend because we enjoy playing together. And one game just completely destroyed any fun I had today. It was so bad, it made me actually cry. It made me forget the decent ranked run I had played prior. It made me forget all the positive encouragement I had given myself. It made me want to go on a rant about how all my games seem to be shit but THIS ONE OH THIS ONE WAS THE LAST STRAW and how I was going to quit. Like, I get frustrated in TF2 sometimes when a medic is like "what's a medigun?" and I can get frustrated when people fight on the road in Arathi Basin, but holy shit, I've played this game for 3 years and still don't understand why it's so rage inducing. I have never played a video game that has made me so mad, so sad, and so devoid of hope on such a regular basis. Is it really just the fact that we are trapped in a game if it goes badly?
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