What does your main say about you?

Recently on All Chat, the hosts had a heated discussion about whether or not Fizz mains are jerks, so we asked the community for their favorite champion stereotypes. Check out some of the responses below and tell us what you think your main champ says about you! Also, don't forget to check out last week’s All Chat episode to find out if all Fizz mains are actually jerks. https://youtu.be/WhoiEjMVZAc (Pro-tip: Click the bottom right corner of the Vines to turn sound on/off!) 1. Are Teemo mains bigger jerks than Fizz mains? https://vine.co/v/eMAOh9bu6P3 **Vine by [League Boy](https://vine.co/v/eMAOh9bu6P3)** 2. “From my mind to yours.” **https://vine.co/v/edaPElMDDzg** **Vine by [Anime/Gaming Pianist](https://vine.co/v/edaPElMDDzg)** 3. Welcome to the League of.. wait, you’re not Draven! https://vine.co/v/edZLEd35g5t **Vine by [Kelly Steal](https://vine.co/v/edZLEd35g5t)** 4. Pop Star Ahri IRL https://vine.co/v/edJbHehqYtE **Vine by [Kuroshi Michi](https://vine.co/v/edJbHehqYtE)** 5. When Ziggs gets a little too aggro https://vine.co/v/edPLLQluueE **Vine by [Joey Luthman](https://vine.co/v/edPLLQluueE)** 6. “Valor, to me!” https://vine.co/v/ed2KmuDddAD **Vine by [Ryan Gannon](https://vine.co/v/ed2KmuDddAD)**
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