I quit

Unbalanced game, unbalanced ranking system, elo is completely bonkers, few champions instantly win games, constant server problems, rage building POS, fkin aneurysm forming craptastic shitstick. Riot has no idea how to further the progression of their game. They decide some things are worth terminating (Dominion) just because they dont like it or they believe a champion isnt played enough in LCS (Xin). They have no logical directive and frankly, they are just plain dumb. They need to focus upon making a new game or reverting back to the better days when the game was fun, where if I got 5 kills, i could carry; where if you went 0 and 10 as corki, ezreal, annie, etc... you couldnt get one kill and win the game. Riot will never learn from their mistakes because they believe they havent made any. I hope this decision brings back some happiness cause this game just makes me feel awful 100% of the time. Peace out homesprouts and happily to never play again :)
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