Changes to Champ Select that the community seems to want (from what I see)

# 1. Not needing to lock in your picks/bans. * Riot's point seems to be to make people make their decisions faster, but what's really happening is now you fear champ select; Lock-in in time or you'll get dodge penalties. Instead, just **lower the time to pick** a little bit (you know, down to the time you're wanting them to lock in on average) **and have it auto-lock** instead of dodge. Everybody wins. Causing people to dodge just puts us back in the queue meaning you only made it longer. # 2. Bring back Team Builder. * TB was obviously just a stepping stone to what they wanted to create in the new Champ Select, but I think you could simply compromise by allowing players to **queue for the new Blind Pick with as few as 1 role**; it would basically be TB for those that only join the queue with 1 role selected (but they could pick as many as they want). Those that pick 1 get to make their own choice to sacrifice queue time for a guaranteed role. The only difference is a captain can't keep kicking players, and it's possible for an ally to lock in the champion you want (mainly flex picks). # 3. Add an option to leave champion select without closing the client or not picking. * Rito plz. Are we supposed to wait for the new client for this basic feature? # 4. Add that [champ select reporting you mentioned, Lyte]( * Even if champ select trolling is reduced, I think we should still get this. Maybe it's another thing that requires the new client, but if so we'd love to know. # 5. Tabs to sort champions by Roles and custom tabs * This should be self-explanatory; if I want a Support, I click the support tab and look at them. If I want one of my favorite picks, I click on the custom tab I made in my profile. I'd also suggest reclassifying some champions to match how they are used in the current meta, not just what they were intended for on release. # 6. I'm sure there's more. I'm done for now and may make additions as they are presented. * Comment if there's a necessary feature of the new Champ Select many are asking for, or anything pertaining to the recent changes such as the removal of Team Builder.
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