Participate in an online research study about teamwork for MIT and Riot Games

We would like to invite you to a study conducted by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in collaboration with Riot Games. We’re interested in exploring the ability of a team to perform a wide range of collaborative tasks, and will measure this using an online battery of tasks your team will work on together. To qualify for this study, you have to be part of a **Ranked 5s Team** that has played **at least 20 games together** this season on the NA Server. Once you complete the following tasks below, **we will grant you a reward on your main accounts**: * An online screening survey individually (takes approx. 20 minutes); AND * An online battery of tests with ALL members of your team simultaneously (takes approx. 1 hour). At the end of the study, we’ll also send you a scorecard of your team’s ability in skills like decision-making, execution, sensing and memory. Participation in the study is completely voluntary and all information used in the study will only be linked to your summoner name. Privacy is one of our highest priorities and all data gathered during the experiment will be stored securely. We will only publish data in summary form, so it will not be possible to link the data to an individual person. The study has been accepted by the Institutional Review Board at MIT. To participate in the study, please have one team member, on behalf of your team, sign-up your Ranked Team here:

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