Meanwhile In Top Lane… [Weekly roundup - November 6]

Hey guys, welcome to this week’s 'Meanwhile in Top Lane...', your one-stop-shop for great conversations from the last 7 days. We've got a sexy new banner and layout this week, and the links are now in the pictures.

Here's what you may have missed while you were busy climbing the ranked ladder:

Muh MMRs

Amid much excitement for other 2016 features, some concern around ranked adjustments.

There can be only one

Players hailed SKT's dominance, admired KOO's sportsmanship, and reflected on Worlds.

Gafford / Estrada AMA

Travis Gafford & Damian Estrada chatted on the sub about content creation and more.

Doublelift & the feels

Doublelift posted a vlog to give some closure on how it all went down.


Harrowing rolled around, accompanied by some frustration around miscommunication and timing.

Diamond in the rough

Diamond main SIayton kicked off quite the discussion after sharing his experience in Silver.

Between Two Turrets

Bioluminescence dropped by to chat with
you guys on our latest BTT.


New blog about Shadow & Fortune's
creation, plus another on warding data.


Ranked rewards timing (and denials) explained, plus feeder detection updates.

How to end a game with style

Diashen shows a couple teams who left their opponents wondering what the heck just happened.

Summoner's Drift

Good ol' Crazy Boris drops another masterpiece.

The Joy of Top Lane

Dyrus doesn't make mistakes, he makes happy little accidents.

Thanks for tuning in, and feel free to point out any great conversations we may have missed!

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