Please give me beginner advice, as well as stories, tip, tricks, and hints for new players.

Mystic Gamer Girl
This is by a beautiful artist by the summoner name MagykGamer on the North American server of League. I absolutely love this picture! *I do not own this picture and I am not the creator of it.*
I started a blog and I'm going to do a series of posts for beginner League players. I have already did a post on Basic Info for Noobies that covers the simple things like don't get cocky, etc. I am going to start two different series, one on Basic Info on all roles and the other on Unusual Mid, Top, Jungler, ADC, and Support champions (i.e. Rengar support. {{champion:107}} ). I would really appreciate any stories, advice, tips, tricks, hints, and links to videos, blogs, or streams that could help a Noobie. I will almost always post any story or tips and tricks y'all give me and I will give credit where it is due.
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