Some sort of action needs to be taken against Garena

Ruling Update - Iron Solari League
Ruling Update - Iron Solari League BY GG Sphere - February 03, 2015 Greetings Ladies of the League! After the successful and fun inaugural event, we're excited to announce that our All-feminine tournament, The Iron Solari, will now be organized monthly. With the 2nd leg happening on February 22, 2015 at The Net.Com - Recto Manila.
I cannot even comprehend the ignorance and bigotry of this whole situation. And then for them to attempt to "resolve" the issue with a terribly written, half-assed apology makes it even worse. Their not actually sorry, just trying to cover their asses. I understand that Riot spoke out against their ruling, but there's no way Garena should get away with such a ridiculous statement without some sort of repercussion.

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