Dear Riot. I have a small request.

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So my friend's b-day is coming up and he owns all skins possible except for 2 (since he started playing he's gotten them all, so ones like King Rammus are excluded). For his b-day I have no clue what to get him (he's a lot better off than me so I have no idea what I could get him that he doesn't already have or have access to), so I thought I'd ask Rito to help me out a bit. I can pay for this and everything, but I was just wondering if it might be possible for him to get one of the few skins he doesn't own (Ice toboggan corki and Vancouver Amumu are the two he could've got from mystery gifts had he been luckier, but he also doesn't have the really old ones like King Rammus or UFO Corki). If this just isn't a possibility, that's ok, but if there's a way to do this I know he'd love it. He's always doing really nice stuff for me and his other friends, and even to random people he meets in league (occasionally), and I just wanna give him something back for his 18th b-day (he told me it's the 27th but he always celebrates it on the Saturday before ). If a Rioter could respond with a yes, no or maybe it'd mean a lot. Sincerely yours, Rundus1
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