PSA - Giving Away Free Skins & Rude Winners

Hello, I am iLuma. As most of you know, I like to give out Free Skins & Champions. A LOT. You can usually find me hovering around the Memes & Games board having little random contests from telling horror stories involving your favorite League characters or even making awesome stick figure concept art for skins you'd like your favorite characters to have. I'm a very giving individual. It's just in my nature. The only thing I cannot stand is when I select a victor and they constantly blow up my chat in-client asking for when they are going to receive their skin. Dear annoying person, you must realize that I am doing this from the kindness of my heart and am in no way obligated to gift you anything. I do this because I like seeing how happy people are when they receive the gift and I like when people come together. But seriously. If I saw you in person, I would throw my shoe at you for being so damn rude. So please, all I ask is that if somebody is doing something from their own kindness and receive no physical benefit from doing so, then please at least appreciate their efforts and know that they are not there to lick your shoes. You'll get your prize when I am ready to gift it to you. That is all. Thank you. /#endrant
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