Recruiting Community Reporters for a new board

Sup everyone! I'm looking for a handful of community reporters to help us build a new board. I want to start off with a small group, so I'm looking for those of you who that can constantly submit breaking news happening within the community. Those selected will work with the Boards team and together we will build something special from the ground up that will benefit everyone in the community. If you're interested in becoming a community reporter, here's what you need to do... * **Post a comment** in this discussion with the below information, in the same (or similar) format: > **Games played**: (*#*) > > **Why do you want to become a Community Reporter?** *I want to become a Community Reporter because...* > > **Where do you get community news from currently?** (*XXXXX, XXXXX, XXXXX, XXXXX*) > > **Comments**: (*optional comments*) * **Vote on** those that you think would be good reporters * **Await an email** from yours truly if you are selected (**Note**: *If you don't get an email, you weren't selected for the first round. There will be more opportunities in the near future*) So that we can keep this process constructive, moderators will be deleting anything off topic. If it's not a post with your intent to become a Community Reporter, or feedback / questions about this subject, then please **do not** post it here. I'm looking forward to getting started next week; it's going to be a fun and rewarding experience for everyone. Thanks in advance! **Update**: I sent everyone selected for the first round a Boards Notification. If you didn't get one, there will be another opportunity in a few weeks.
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