Riot games and the road to diamond

So I've been gold for the past 2 years and this year season 6 decided that I wanted to get to Diamond. I am Plat 1 with 0 lp now. The past 3 games I have played today went horribly wrong. People giving up after first blood, people actually leaving the game because a fight went wrong. People always say "Just carry yourself to diamond" . After playing in plat for months I have realized that doing that is almost impossible. In the situation I am in this is ow it goes. If I play Jg, every lane goes bad and feeds right off the start, If I go mid my bot lane goes horribly wrong, If I play support the case is usually that my team flames the jungler and either goes afk and runs it down mid or give up and troll. If I ADC which is my best role I m usually the one to get camped and it seems that nobody even knows I exist and then question me after being executed by a zed or any other assassin or tank. I know that I am not the best player, but in all honesty when I get close to getting Diamond I get the bad team. I have been frustrated more and more and don't see a way out of it. I believe that punishment for leaving early should be harsher. 100 million people actively play this game and the one person that leaves my game ruined it. I know people may have to leave for important things but it seems like people are just leaving because they can. They give up first blood, then leave to go eat lunch. They get back nice and full and start up a new one. Out of the years I've played this game, I've seen one message pop that said somebody got banned for unsportsmanlike conduct. It truly makes me sad to see a game that I love even when I get mad start to tarnish due to players attitude. If anybody feels this way feel free to comment or something. #MakeLeagueGreatAgain

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