Lucian vs Thresh: WHO WOULD WIN?

#**UPDATE: Voting is CLOSED! Thresh won, but now both endings are available to view! (click the annotations at the end of the video) Thanks for playing!** Lucian and Thresh have gotten a ton of love recently, from an[ enormous Thresh puppet]( to the reveal of an [epic Lucian statue](, but we all know that’s where the love stops -- these two have got some beef. Who would win if they finally got the chance to duke it out? We teamed up with the community to imagine a fight between the Chain Warden and the Purifier. Who knows if this is actually how it’d go down -- but it sure is fun to wonder. Notice the cliffhanger -- **you decide who wins!** Watch the beginning of the fight and **cast your vote in the poll below by 11:59 PM PDT Tuesday (May 17th)**. We’ll reveal the winner on **Wednesday**, so check back! Animation by Zeurel [Twitter](, [YouTube]( and [Andrew Martin]( SFX by [David Bowick]( Music courtesy of [Epidemic Sound](
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