[RESOLVED] NA 3/23 Games Not Starting

>#***Update 4:41PM:*** >We are still monitoring closely, but everything appears to be healthy. We are going to label this as resolved. Any login queue issues should be resolved shortly once everyone gets back onto the platform. >Good luck in your games! ----------------------------------- >#***Update 4:12PM:*** >The second round of QA testing looked good, and we are preparing to open the platform back up. This means two things: * You will be able to log in * There will be a hefty login queue at first as we try to bring as many players on as possible. >We have eyes glued to our monitoring and we will be carefully watching how the platform holds up. We'll let you know when we can give everything the final green light. ------------------------------------------ >#***Update 3:40PM:*** >We completed our first round of QA testing, but we still found some areas that were very unhealthy and not in a stable enough spot for live. We still have all hands on deck digging into these issues and trying to deploy fixes. >More updates to come once we get some additional information! ------------------------------------------------------------- >#***Update 3:04PM:*** >The platform is ***not*** yet back up, but we have started internal QA testing now to ensure that the issues have been resolved. >We'll provide more information once we get it! -------------------------------------------------------------- >#***Update 2:32PM:*** >We have decided to shut down the NA Servers and restart the NA Platform. Everyone currently in the client will be forced to exit, but those currently in games will not be affected. Loss Forgiven was enabled at 2:32PM in case people disconnected, and are unable to reconnect. By restarting, we are hoping to fix this issue at the root cause. >We'll make sure to update everyone when the platform is brought back online. >#*Mini Edit:* >We want to make sure we handle the restart by the book so we can get it up and running again ASAP. However, doing things carefully and right might take some time. Sit tight for now, we'll get you info as soon as we can. ----------------------------------- Hey all, Earlier today at about 12:30pm, we identified an issue where players were either getting stuck in an infinite queue or games after Champion Select simply weren’t starting. We immediately started to make some back-end changes to hopefully resolve the issue, but so far we haven’t been able to fix the root cause. Given the tricky nature of this issue, we are currently looking into multiple different options, including a full restart of the NA Servers. We have all hands on deck and as soon as we get further information, we’ll make sure to update everyone.
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