Between Two Turrets - Come chat with Utora! [COMPLETED]

Welcome to the latest installment of Between Two Turrets, a Q&A series through which we connect you with various Rioters to chat about League, life, and anything in between. You can expect an installment every two weeks or so, with Rioters from all over jumping in to spend some time with you on the Boards.

This week, we’ve got Champion Audio Designer Kyle “Utora” Vande Slunt!

EDIT - Gonna take a quick break for some food and then come back and answer more questions. I’ve asked to keep this Q&A open for awhile because I intend to answer everyone’s questions. See you back in a little bit!

~ootay~ Friends!

My name is Kyle, also know as Utora. I'm an Audio Designer on the Audio Team here at Riot, and I mostly work with the Champ Team making new champions for League of Legends. And yes, Bard's meeps are saying my name along with other audio guys on the team who helped make him. In my almost two years here I've had the incredible fortune to design the sounds and voices for Rek'sai, Bard, Tahm Kench, Kindred, and now Jhin. I strive to create memorable, resonant, and iconic experiences for players (and myself) with my audio work. It's what I demand of myself and what the Riot Audio team demands of all it's members, which is why it's such an amazing team to be on!

Before Riot, I was an Audio Designer at the game company Volition, where I worked on Saints Row: The Third, Saints Row IV, a little bit of Red Faction, and a yet to be announced next gen title. Before I got my start in the game industry, I worked freelance on all kinds of projects including television, theater, and dabbled in the advertising post production world. I also do audio work for fun short films that I make with my friends.

Outside of work I love spending time with my amazing wife and my soon to be born baby boy! I love games, art, music, esports - anything that can transport me into another world and immerse me there. I am also a self-appointed padawan of technology, the law of accelerating returns, and how we're going to be living our lives 4, 10, 20 years from now.

Back in May of 2013 I started my sound design a day project. Everyday I create a sound design / music piece from scratch and upload it to soundcloud. Today actually marks 1000 straight days! Yowsers. I started this project almost three years ago to accomplish a few things: 1. become a better sound designer 2. create an expansive sound and music library 3. become a better field recordist and finally 4. to get better at calling things done. Not "I still need to add this thing and that thing," but being DONE and DONE. I also just started learning how to program/script using the python language. It's really hard and I feel really dumb. Any other coders out there with advice?! :P

I'm really looking forward to chatting with you guys about anything at all. Lets do this ~kasuma!~

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