So I have a friend. Let's call this friend Bob (Not real name). Bob introduced me to league about 1 year ago. After school and on weekends, me and Bob would play League together and talk over skype. On occasion, I would notice Bob get angry in some games. He would either get mad because we lost, because a teammate was shit, because an enemy was broken (Usually {{champion:157}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:238}} and {{champion:99}} were called this), or because he made a bad play. Bob's rage went on. Eventually we started playing custom games. Bob and I would 2v5 bots as whatever champion we wanted. We always won these games and got incredibly fed. Even in some of those games, Bob would rage. Why? If I ever played full AD Shaco in a bot game, he would rage. Pretty much if I ever played a champion that is OP when fed, or If i stole a kill. Then we started playing Break the Meta 1v1's. The first one we played was really fun (Full tank Lulu VS Full Tank Katarina). Then we played more and more. The first couple ones, Bob won. Then finally I won playing full AP Nocturn, and BOY did he rage. Early game I was doing SHIT, but late game I rekt. Instead of accepting that I was winning, he decided to start complaining. JUST NOW I played a 1v1 with him. I played full AD shen and he played full AD Kassadin. Early game he got 3 kills of me. He was laughing and bragging. I was chill every time he killed me, in fact, I laughed! Then as the mid game approached, I started getting kills. The first kill I got, he was SO upset. I don't know why, he was still 2 kills ahead. As the game went on, he became saltier and raged more. I built life steal and attack speed, and with my Q, I barely lost health. I starting trumping him. He just kept getting mad. He would yell and say things like "You have given me cancer." and "You are being so BM right now!" (Even though I never insulted him or said anything rude). Then at one point I was trapped behind his towers. He was on death timer, and I attempted to get through the tower without dying. I was low health, and my plan was to W shield and E to get through the tower. I W'd, but realized I didn't have enough energy to E. I was executed. I Laughed and said "Damn, I thought I would make it >.<" and Bob said "No you didn't, you wanted to get executed." Then I tried to explain that my plan was to live and make it across, when he yelled. "SHUT THE FUCK UP! You think I'm stupid and I didn't know you were going to execute just to make me angry? So shut up, you're never going to convince me that you didn't mean to die." After that It was silence in the skype call. I continued to win and Bob continued to rage. By the time I made it to his Nexus, he said "Screw this, you have legit given me cancer with your BM and choice of champion." He then disconnected from the game and left the call. Now I'm writing this. In conclusion, Bob has more salt and rage than the average Joe. He has been playing League for a couple years, so I understand his hate for some champions. He also has an abusive mother (Not physical abuse, she yells at him, swears at him, punishes him for doing nothing) I want to know where this rage comes from. Does Bob have a mental Illness? Is he bipolar? He also talks about suicide during games. He says things like "I would rather kill myself than continue playing this game." and "Please excuse me while I go drink some bleach." often. So can someone please tell me what is wrong with him? Or is he just the kind of person who hates losing, hate winning if he gets killed, talks about suicide, and hates his friends when they beat him? Someone please tell me how I can help him. Thanks
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