Collection of Riot Lyte's important posts on the Leaverbuster 2.0

I saw quite a few complaint posts on the Leaverbuster 2.0 Thread upvoted to triple digits that were actually fully addressed by Lyte's follow-up comments. Unfortunately the follow-up comments are scattered throughout the entire thread along with many not-so-important Lyte posts. So I gathered the comments that address the most up-voted player complaints regarding the new Leaverbuster. 1. No one is ignoring the fact that sometimes there are server issues. I failed to mention that if the server is DC'ing players, or there is server instability, LeaverBuster does not count those matches--that's my bad. 2. Unless you're bugsplatting or DCing *multiple games in a row*, you won't see anything beyond the first warning. That's how the old system works, and is not how the new system works--they only attack chronic leavers/AFKs, not the occasional emergencies. 3. [In response to a question regarding what what it takes to be flagged] Generally, leave and don't come back to finish the game. Or, leave for a majority of the game and are only present at the end of the game. 4. It's possible that players are flagged (by reports or the system) and do not show up as "red" in the end of game screen. We do this intentionally so players can't back out exactly what parameters results in the system flagging you as a leaver. 5. leaving 10 games in a row will still flag your account even if you had a perfect history of no leaving. If you leave in just a few games, you might still get a light 5 minute low priority queue penalty (which is light, and something we're OK with). 6. [In response to a comment asking what happens when someone DCs] In these scenarios if you end up reconnecting in a reasonable time, you won't be flagged at all. If it takes 20 minutes and the majority of a game to re-boot the client and reconnect, you might be flagged for that particular game; however, the system probably won't punish you for that single game. If you repeatedly do the above in numerous games and always take 20+ minutes to reconnect, you'll be hit with a penalty because you still are ruining the games of 100s of players. 7. If you DC and relog into the game quickly, you'll be fine. If this helped, please upvote/bump. Lyte doesn't deserve all the heat he's getting for the pretty new system he spent the last few months of his life working on.
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