Will Tribunal 2.0 (When it arrives), include chat logs from post-game chat?

Just got out of a game. One toxic player in-game, but the duo queue went to town afterwards. I was solo queued. Lee/Swain were duo. And Thresh was solo (or duo with toplane, but top did nothing wrong). > Lee: gg lol > Swain: ;pve pir twotcj > Thresh: ive never seen a gold player with downs syndrome > Swain: love our twitch > Thresh: weird > Enemy1: btw twitch thresh was main reason you were winning bout for a bit > Enemy1: bot > Lee: yeah thresh was good > Viro Melchior: hey purple team > Lee: but truley twitch was not > Viro Melchior: please report attitudes here > Thresh: twitch has downs syndrome > Viro Melchior: they've shown you a glimpse > Thresh: and calls adc > Viro Melchior: of what they were saying all game > Thresh: i dont get it > Lee: we didnt say anything bad tho > Thresh: you cant carry if you have downs > Lee: u didnt communicate with us > Lee: lol > Viro Melchior: Swain: love our twitch > Thresh: go support twitch > Viro Melchior: triple, hard to > Lee: everyone did good except you /: > Viro Melchior: when I muted you all > Swain: Viro > Lee: ok mute us > Viro Melchior: cuz of swain + thresh > Swain: you just dont listen > Swain: bruh **> Swain: you dont deserve to be in this rank** > Thresh: we pinged you > Thresh: and you didnt listen > Thresh: muting doesnt mute pings > Thresh: noob > Lee: insteasd u tae a tier one turret lol > Swain: ElO boosting dosnt help any body > Thresh: ^ **> Thresh: pls go back to silver** **> Thresh: or bronze** > Thresh: wtv > Lee: bronze > Swain: bronze* > Thresh: lel **> Swain: you're bad bro just quit lmfao** > Thresh: thx for losingus lp **> Swain: refund that skin too** *I REALLY hope that when Tribunal comes back, this kind of behavior post-game will be visible to the 'jury'. Thresh didn't make my life with him bot lane very easy. He was rude to our Lee Sin (and I told him to stop being a dick to his teammates - lotta thanks I got from Lee). Then he was rude to me. Finally just muted him, and then see all this post-game. Really wonder how these guys haven't hit chat bans already.*
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