Rewards for positive play

As the 2014 season comes to an end, we wanted to take a moment to celebrate players who have demonstrated positive behavior. As a first step,** players who haven’t been chat restricted or had their account suspended in the 2014 season will receive a 4-win IP boost**. Due to the number of players receiving this reward, we’ll be granting the bonuses over the next week. Keep an eye out for a shiny new boost icon next to your IP balance. We've recently been focused on addressing extreme cases of verbal toxicity, and will soon be testing additional systems that address gameplay toxicity like leavers, AFKs, and intentional feeders. However, it’s important to keep in mind that players engaging in these behaviors really are not welcome in our community. Fewer than 1% of players have been escalated to a 14-day ban or permanent ban or even received a chat restriction. As we mentioned previously, we’ve been testing some new chat ban systems and wanted to give you guys an update on our progress: As of 11/13/2014, **95% of active players in 2014 have never received a punishment of any kind**. The vast majority of you have not received chat restrictions, ranked restrictions, game bans or permanent bans this year! So let’s spend some time highlighting the awesome behaviors in our community. **If you’re a positive player in League, and are OK sharing some of your recent chat logs with the rest of the community, please post a reply here!** If you do, make sure you’ve verified your email account, because you may see another bonus head your way in the near future. UPDATE ::: Everyone that was spotlighted for positive behavior should have received awards on their main account. E-mails being sent shortly too!
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